Each session is 50 min long for an individual session. 

A shorter session can be arranged if needed.

Consultation is available for the topics below for caregivers and other professionals. 


Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Grief

Depression and anxiety make us feel like we are not in charge of our own lives. When this happens, we feel lost and wonder if we can ever feel better. These symptoms can also happen to us when we experience losses in life. In counseling, we will work on getting a better understanding of how your unhelpful thoughts trap you in negative feelings. This type of therapy is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You will get better ideas on what and how to change, in order to manage them well. If what you are experiencing are related to losses, we will work on finding the meaning of your losses together in our session.

Counseling for older adults

Counseling for adults older than 60 requires additional knowledge and skills in therapists. Medical conditions and cognitive changes in later life make it difficult for mental health symptoms to be diagnosed accurately and treated effectively.  With my background in medical social work, I have a keen understanding on how medical conditions and mental health affect each other. I provide support as you experience mood problems, overwhelming life events (e.g. loss, medical illnesses), aging issues, caregiver stress, and balancing responsibilities. I welcome you if you are having depression or anxiety along with medical conditions such as cancer, heart condition, COPD, physical disabilities, blindness, and dementia. End of life issues and losses are also topics to be discussed in our sessions. 

Art Therapy

Some clients come to talk with me. Some clients come to make art with me. Some do both. If talk therapy didn’t work for you, you may benefit from art therapy. Sometimes what we feel and think are too difficult to put into words. In art therapy, we look inside of ourselves through images and symbols. No artistic talent or prior art experience is necessary. It's about how you relate to the process of art making and the artwork itself---and you learn more about yourself through them. More information about art therapy can be found here:

Immigrants/minority individuals & acculturation issues

Being an immigrant and a person of color myself, I welcome individuals with various ethnicity and minoritized backgrounds. Moving between countries/cultures creates a unique set of challenges. So does being a person of color in this country. I strive to create a safe place for you, as you talk about what it’s to be like you in this country.  Our session can be in English or Japanese.

Clinical Supervision 

I care a lot about the field of social work as well as the art therapy. Supervisors I had in my life raised me to be who I am today, and they deserve credits for my competency as a clinician. I want to give you what's given to me----the guidance for growth and the shared passion for what we do as clinicians. 


I encourage you to contact me if you are looking for a supervisor for the LCSW license in Virginia or Art therapy credential (ATR). I am a good match for you if you are: 

 (1) interested in building more counseling skills for conducting individual and group sessions;

(2) want to learn creative ways to address clients' problems;

(3) passionate to work with adults and older adults. 


If you wish to discuss the desire to start supervision, I will schedule a preliminary session to meet you without a charge---so that we can make sure we agree on what our supervisions would look like. I am a qualified supervisor for the Virginia LCSW license applicants.