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I am an artist and a therapist. I use creativity, observation skills, and psychological theories to help you understand why you feel, think, and behave in certain ways. Your feelings are trying to say something to you---I'd be glad to partner with you and figure out what they mean. Many of us feel more empowered when we know more about ourselves. Self-awareness gives us more power to let go of unhelpful beliefs and welcome new ways of living. 

As an artist, I learn about myself the most through painting and other method of art making. And I find this to be true for others who come and see me. Through art making and talking, I will help you find ways to reduce self-criticism and bring more compassion to yourself and others. Art is used as a way to find out who you are and how you can transform your past experiences into empowerment of the present self.


I am committed to practicing therapy in ways that reduce oppression in the society and within ourselves. We will often process how oppression and cultural norms influence our lived experiences and beliefs. Exploration of racial/cultural identities is an important part of therapy for many clients. A lot of healing and hope can come from this type of exploration. 

I am a good match for you if: 

  • You like learning new things

  • You are someone who learns better through hands-on activities/tasks

  • You are interested in creative expression. 

  • You tried talk therapy and did not feel it worked

  • You are looking for a new way to look at problems you have in your life

  • You have difficult time expressing your feelings with words

I work with...

  • Artists

  • Therapists

  • Older adults and retired individuals

  • Adults (18+)

  • People of Color/ individuals with marginalized ethnic backgrounds

  • People who grew up in different countries

  • Individuals with persistent medical illnesses

  • Individuals who identify as LGBTQ


Due to lack of training and knowledge, I am unable to assist you if you are...

  • Children (18 or younger)

  • Individuals with substance misuse

  • Couples

  • Those who are seeking family therapy

  • Individuals who seek help for domestic violence

My educational background and Licenses:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia (LCSW) & Maryland (LCSW-C)

  • Board Certified Art therapist (ATR-BC)

  • B.A. in Art and Psychology, Wartburg College, Iowa in 2002

  • Master degree in Social Work, Marywood University, PA, in 2004

  • Advance Graduate Certificate in Art Therapy from Marywood University, PA

Past work experiences:

  • Older adults with mental illnesses

  • Individuals who receive dialysis

  • Individuals with terminal illnesses

  • Residents at nursing homes

  • Adults with serious mental illnesses

  • An adjunct faculty for the Department of Social Work at George Mason University

Memberships and affiliations:


  • Miki Nishida Goerdt, Ashley Abigail Gruezo Resurreccion, Brandi Taziyah, Rhonda Johnson, Sheila Lorenzo de la Peña & Tuesdai Johnson (2022) BIPOC Art Therapists: Antiracism Work Through the Virtual Circle, Art Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/07421656.2021.2024318

  • Miki Goerdt (2021). Moments of connection in art therapy with my Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander clients, American Art therapy Association. 

  • Miki Goerdt (2020). My perspective as a BIPOC art therapist. American Art Therapy Association.

  • Miki Goerdt (2020). Intracultural Practice for Asian Art Therapists: "Are You one of Us, or Are You One of Them?" In Kitazawa, M. (Ed.), Asian Art Therapists: Navigating Art, Diversity, and Culture. Routledge.

  • Miki Nishida LGSW & Jane Strobino DSW (2005) Art Therapy with a Hemodialysis Patient: A Case Analysis, Art Therapy, 22:4, 221-226, DOI: 10.1080/07421656.2005.10129517

Artworks by Miki

I started painting when I was 16 years old. My primary art medium is oil painting.  I also love printmaking and collage art. More information about my artworks can be found at

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