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Let creativity find who you really are...
Let creativity find who you really are...


Emerald Leaf Counseling is a counseling and consulting office for someone like you who wishes to learn more about yourself and grow. It's also a place to figure out effective solutions to challenges in your life.


During your session, we will talk, look at problems from different perspectives, and explore what your thoughts and emotions mean. I use creative ways to help you look at what's inside of you, such as writing exercise, mindfulness, and art making. Because these alternative ways quiet your analytical side, we get to hear what your true self is trying to tell you. Emotions such as sadness and anxiety have important messages for us. I'd be glad to partner with you to find out what they mean to you.

Everyone has a potential to continue growing. The name "Emerald Leaf" represents my desire to support your growth---An emerald leaf is a new green leaf that can sprout in you, no matter how hard the current circumstance may be. It's a leaf of hope. And by the way, there is no age limit for personal growth!

--Miki Goerdt LCSW ATR-BC, Clinical Social Worker & Board Certified Art therapist


Sometimes no words can describe how you really feel. Discover your true self through images and symbols. 


Each of us have particular "thinking habits." Some are helpful; others are unhelpful. Find out how your thoughts affect your emotions. 

Psychotherapy for older adults

Counseling people over 60  requires additional knowledge and skills from therapists. Find out why. 

Consulting & supervision

I provide consultation for family caregivers and long-term care facilities. I also offer clinical supervision for SW license (LCSW) or Art Therapy credential (ATR).

Currently all sessions are conducted as telehealth sessions (video sessions).
Telehealth sessions are available to Virginia & Maryland residents only due to the licensing regulations. 
Thank you for your understanding.



Emerald Leaf Counseling & Consulting


Serving areas:

Virginia & Maryland

(Telehealth only)

Mailing address: 

2916 Lawrence Drive

Falls Church, VA 22042

Phone: 703-829-6350



Sessions are provided by appointments only.

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